Christmas Book!

I love Christmas and all the trappings - the cards, the baking, the decorating, the gatherings!  It is just a special time, when outdoor lights lend a touch of magic to the drive home in the dark!  When delectable treats tempt!  Holiday scents fill the air!  Thoughts of getting together with family and friends excite!  And a light dusting of snow falling after midnight is all that is required for a "white Christmas!"  (I don't particularly love the shopping, however . . . .)

One little tradition that I indulge in each year is adding to my collection of Christmas books.  New, or found in a rummage sale or at Goodwill, received as a gift, it doesn't matter, it just has to be a story or story collection that I've not read yet.  It could be a children's book.  A cookbook, or crafts, or decorating for the holidays.  Even a pop-up book illustrating Christmas traditions around the world (my favorite)! I just enjoy paging through them and reading a bit here and there, as I sip hot cocoa near a crackling fireplace.

Our library has a nice collection of Christmas books of all sorts.  Look for them on the display shelves in the area by the staircases.  Check one out for your own holiday treat!


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