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The Gillettes - Their Long Road to Desert Storm and Beyond

Tuesday, May 7, 2019 | 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

McBroom Community Room

Contact Person: Stephanie Flessert, User Services

Lieutenant Colonel Norman C. Gillette (Bill) will share his family’s long history of military service spanning from WW1 to Afghanistan.  He will then focus on his time serving in Iraq during Desert Storm.  He was the 2nd Marine Division G-4 (Combat Logistics) Operations Officer, whose job was to travel with the Commanding General in the “Jump CP”   (Mobile Command Post) to insure the Attacking Forces were supplied/resupplied with “Beans, Bullets and Band aids” – food/water, ammunition and medical supplies.  He moved along the Front among US attacking Forces to coordinate and ensure they were properly armed and supplied.

Bill served with the Marines from 1974-1994 and with the State Department in Afghanistan as a Senior Reconstruction Team Advisor from 2010-2011.  He served throughout the world: the Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Honduras, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq (Desert Storm) and finally Afghanistan.  Bill was an Infantry officer who commanded units from Platoon through Battalion.  Additionally, he flew as a Supporting Arms Coordinator Airborne.  During this time, Bill spent roughly nine of those years away from his family.  When you ask him if it was difficult to be separated from them for so long, he will tell you "Yes, but it was worth every minute of hardship to have the honor of serving our Great Nation."  Simply put, he embodies the Marine's motto "Semper Fidelis."