Me & Patsy Kickin' Up Dust

Me and Patsy Kickin' Up Dust

by Loretta Lynn and Patsy Lynn Russell, foreword by Dolly Parton

Weary from what I've been seeing on the news each evening, I recently found myself looking for something light to read; something with charm and possible inspiration. I'm happy to say that I found just that in Loretta Lynn and her recently released book "Me and Patsy Kickin' Up Dust".

As a fan of Patsy Cline's music, and knowing somewhat of her story, I was eager to read this tale of friendship. I was extremely happy to find that, unlike many books that are "written" by a celebrity, this one seemed to be genuine Loretta! While reading this story of a once-in-a-lifetime friendship, I felt as if I was sitting in a rocker by the fireplace with this charming queen of country, sipping on cider while she reminisced away. Reading this book was time well spent.


"Me & Patsy Kickin' Up Dust shares the never-before-told complete story of the remarkable relationship between country music icons Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn.

Loretta Lynn and the late Patsy Cline are legends--country icons and sisters of the heart. For the first time ever Loretta tells their story: a celebration of their music and their relationship up until Patsy's tragic and untimely death.

Full of laughter and tears, this eye-opening, heartwarming memoir paints a picture of two stubborn, spirited country gals who'd be damned if they'd let men or convention tell them how to be. Set in the heady streets of the 1960s South, this nostalgia ride shows how Nashville blossomed into the city of music it is today. Tender and fierce, Me & Patsy Kickin' Up Dust is an up-close-and-personal portrait of a friendship that defined a generation and changed country music indelibly--and a meditation on love, loss and legacy."

Of course the story is not just a fairy tale of friendship. Loretta Lynn does a great job of telling it like it was; the good, the bad and the ugly. There is enough heartbreak to write a country music song about, but also enough joy and laughter to make the reader want to be a part of this special friendship.

Ms. Lynn does a great job of telling Patsy's story without focusing on her tragic end. Of course it's a part of the story, it has to be, but it's handled beautifully, without any sensationalism and with pure heart, pure love from the friend left behind.

Another thing this lovely book does is give us quite the clear vision of the country music scene, Nashville and even the Grand Ole Opry, itself in the years these two strong women came onto the stage. It's fascinating to think of these ladies struggling to get recognized, and then once they were "stars", doing the child-rearing, laundry, cooking and cleaning before they'd put on their stage clothes at night and entertain. Things were sure different then!

I recommend this book with confidence. In my opinion Reba McEntire's review of the book is the most spot-on one I've read, so I'll give her the last word:

"Patsy and Loretta are two women who can teach us so much about life, especially how to stand up for yourself and how to deal with being a woman in the world of Country Music today because they had to do it in THEIR day. The biggest difference is, these days, we have huge numbers to face that situation together. They didn't have that security. They fought for it. They came together when they both needed a friend most, and reading this book makes you want to have that same bond with a friend. I think they would encourage you, the reader, to find that special friend in your life. Priceless."―Reba McEntire

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