Chronicles of St. Mary's

These are tough times, with the pandemic crashing people's health, livelihoods, and peace of mind, and the elections coming up soon with all the negative ads and name-calling ... how can anyone find an escape? If you are reading this, then you are a reader and already know how! Books!

This series is just delightful if you love humor, history, the possibility of time travel, science fiction, anything British, or a good cup of tea! St. Mary's is a venerable institution. Its mission is to travel back to specified events in history, to document the events, the participants, and the culture, and verify facts that are in doubt. Its mission does not include bringing anything back, leaving anything behind, or changing the course of history in any way. Its main problem is that the staff are somewhat unpredictable and can be counted on to get in a bit of trouble!

Author Jodi Taylor has just such a way with words! Her stories are fun, dramatic, thought-provoking. She can turn a phrase and make you laugh out loud! Who doesn't need that? Each of the two dozen or so novels and novellas that comprise this series, to date, will draw you in and keep you on edge for the next one. I enjoy the cleverness and the "history lessons!"

If you want a break from the reality of "now", let Jodi Taylor introduce you to St. Mary's esteemed staff: Dr. Madeleine Maxwell, the lead historian & Chief Operations Officer; Dr. Tim Peterson, her historical sidekick; Leon Farrell, Chief Technical Officer; Major Ian Guthrie, Head of Security; Mr. Markham, security officer extraordinaire; Dr. Helen Foster, the toughest medical professional you would ever meet, Dr. Bairstow, who started it all, and various other "professionals" who will make you laugh but will put their lives on the line when it counts. And of course, there will be villains! And always a cup of tea!

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