The Lost Love Song

Two wildly different people meet and fall in love. Arie Johnson is the tech support at his Australian company; Diana Clare is a world-renown concert pianist. Somehow, in spite of their contrasting personalities, they connect with each other and create a harmonious life together. After seven years, Arie wants to take it to the proverbial "next level" and asks Diana to marry him. She declines ... but while on tour in Asia, rethinks his request and creates a beautiful love song as her way of saying that she is ready.

Diana eagerly awaits her flight home to Arie ... but tragedy strikes. Arie is devastated and must learn to live a life alone again. He kindly keeps in close contact with her mother as they remember Diana and mourn her.

Diana's song, however, while "lost", begins a journey around the world on its own. A man at her hotel overhears her working on the piece and is so struck by it, that he looks for her to hear it again, but instead finds her music notebook. He takes it on the first leg of his journey, back home overseas. There, over the course of a few years, it bounces from musician to musician, instrument to instrument, country to country. The gorgeous and haunting piece evolves to fit the new musician and impacts his or her life in a wonderful way. It circles back to Australia and the street where Arie lives.

'This lively and charming novel' Sydney Morning Herald PICK OF THE WEEK

'If you are looking for a charming read, then Darke has written a beauty … Expect laughter and tears in equal measure.' Herald Sun

'Darke's accomplished plotting, colourful settings, and keen insights into love and loss make for an outstanding romantic panorama. Readers will be wowed.' Publishers Weekly

Like the song of the book's title, this book is so sweet and so sad and so lyrical, that it touches a chord deep in your heart and makes you profoundly long for a love so intense and real, that it transcends time and space. It's author knows how to place you in a foreign setting and make you feel the pain and grief of its characters, although hopefully you will never have to experience that in your own life. Ms. Darke brings music into the book almost as another major character, and this, as a musician myself (albeit not as good as any in the book), makes this story a treasure to me. This will be a book that you will remember for a long time!

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