In the Stacks

If you have never had a chance to watch this DVD, I highly recommend that you take the time to do so soon.  There are so many wonderful offerings "In the Stacks" here at the Town Hall Library, and this DVD about Phillipe Petit and his extraordinary walk on a wire between the Trade Center Towers is a tour de force!  Also, viewing it now, in light of the towers demise, there is a certain feeling that Petit's walk was meant to be in terms of capturing a time in history that will literally never be possible again.  There is much intrigue, and for all practical purposes the pacing of the film is much more of that of a spy thriller.  Yes, alll the activity was illegal, but luckily the judge at the time understood the other-worldly context of such an historic act, and sentenced Petit accordingly, provding another performance for the citizens of New York.

Extraordnary film about an extraordinary man during an extraordinary moment in history-- Enjoy!

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