In the Stacks

We have a ridiculous video/DVD collection at home that is only rivaled by the number of books I have accumulated over the course of my lifetime.  One could say that viewing and reading are my passions, probably even bordering on obsession.  I like ideas, and I like the challenge of differeing points of view.  I also appreciate beauty in a variety of forms.

But, there are so many gems "In the Stacks" here at Town Hall Library that my home collection just can't touch.  One of them is Lucy & Desi:  A Home Movie.  I just love this DVD.  It takes me back to a simpler time, and it reminds me of all the commonalities in life, irrespective of who the people are.  To see the footage of Desi & Lucy on their honeymoon, you can actually see that they are very much in love.  It literally sweeps me back to a time when I had all those lovely feelings, innocent of the hurt that was to come as the years unfolded.  Same with Lucy & Desi.  Their hurt is palpable, and it can be hard to watch.  It is a precious undoing.

I remember watching I Love Lucy growing up as most Americans of certain generations did, and watching Lucy & Desi: A Home Movie shows how stunningly beautiful they both were, together, and then again in their own right.  Crazy photogenic.  And the comic timing.  WOW.  There really hasn't been a dynasty like theirs since theirs, and maybe that has a certain poetry to it.  I just appreciate that Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz Jr. were unselfish enough to share the beauty along with the hurt.  It is a true tribute to their parents, and I feel it genuinely captures the complex nature of a real love relationship that, for whatever reason, cannot endure.

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