In the Stacks

I took this movie home last week, and really just didn't have many expectations for it.  I was merely looking for something to distract me at the moment but not distract me in general.  Surprisingly, I got the latter.

Jeff Who Lives At Home is a movie I would describe as a sleeper, very slow to build, yet delivers a really swift punch that makes you suck in air quick and do a fast mental inventory of your own life and your perception of your purpose on this planet.  Jason Segel does this Duplass Brothers flick a favor with his sweetly solid rendition of Jeff, and Ed Helms hangs in with his portrayal of the annoyingly jerky older brother Pat.

For me, this film came at a good time, a gentle reminder that our paths meander in ways that we often can't see past the curve in the road up ahead, but if we pay attention and follow the signs, often we get to our destinations intact, and right on time.  And when life is boiled down to the bone, it is the people in our lives who matter most. 

If you are in the mood for just such a movie, don't forget to check out this DVD "In the Stacks" at Town Hall Library!

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