Not Too Late . . . .

It is March.  Spring will come in a few weeks, according to the ground hog. (And the calendar.)  But nice weather, outdoor weather, is still a ways off.  There is still time to fill those cold, wintry evenings with a "treat" from the library!

I love all the things we offer here.  Not that I don't have shelves (and baskets and piles) of books at home.  But items are so much easier to find here at the library.  I only have to look in the card catalog, instead of trying to remember in which room, on which bookcase, or in which box or basket I've stored a book.  I don't have to move anything around to get at it!

As much as I love owning books, as I look around my cluttered home, I've made a decision to always check the library catalog before putting a book or DVD or CD on my "wish list!"  I am always pleased when I hear about an item of interest and it is in our catalog waiting for me to find it or place a hold on it!  (Now don't get me started on how long my "to read/to watch/to listen to" list is!)

Come and look for a book.  A new one. An old one.  A classic one.  Learn something new, travel somewhere, meet different characters both real and imaginary.  Whatever your fancy, we have a genre for you!

Tired of reading the same old book to the kids?  Find a new book to read to your children, or grandchildren, siblings, nieces and nephews.

Or would you like to be read to?  Upstairs is our wonderful collection of fiction and nonfiction books on CD.  I always have a CD book playing in my car; I'm not sure my radio works anymore!

We have an entire room, the best in the building, devoted to movies!  Find a classic, or a comedy to tickle your funny bone, or a romance to touch your heartstrings.  Or travel somewhere that you have never been.  Learn new information about a topic that piques your interest.  Get up and move, and get in shape.  We have a large collection of DVDs, and there is definitely something for everyone.

In the same room, is our extensive music collection.  Check out a CD to put in the player and enjoy the music of your choice!

The library is filled with so many different, wonderful items. CHECK THEM OUT!  PLEASE!

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