Game of Thrones

I have to confess . . . that I have become addicted to this overly violent show. I caught on to it late; we don't get HBO at home, and the waiting lists for the various seasons of DVDs are quite long. Finally I was able to bring season 1 home to watch.

Stealing moments whenever I could, I worked my way through seasons 1, 2 and 3. It was horrible! and glorious! and frustrating! I just couldn't believe how barbaric some of these people are. Many have no morals or scruples whatsoever. Some of my favorite characters died off or were killed. Those that needed killing, weren't. Fairness is not a concept in this series.

Not that I hadn't been warned. I mentioned that I was going to start watching Game of Thrones to my boss, and she told me "not to get too attached to anybody. At all." Still, the loss of some of the more decent people is upsetting to me.

Never-the-less, I am again on a wait list, this time for season 4. I need to know who is doing what, who will triumph, who will bite the dust? What will the evil queen wear? Will the remaining Stark children ever be reunited? And what about those dragons!

I requested and received the book series for Christmas. I have been eyeing the book "The World of Ice and Fire," (a comprehensive "history" of the Seven Kingdoms, complete with full-color maps and royal family trees) which the library has but which I must own!

I think this show catches my fancy because I love history and fantasy, and this show seems to be both. I know the "history" isn't real, but the details displayed bring so clearly to life the "realities" of the characters from different walks - the servants, peasant class, merchants, soldiers, gentry, royalty, red sorceresses. I love the imagery of the different "kingdoms" - the cities and landscapes, costumes, furniture, buildings, and different ideas of beauty.

So I will continue to "enjoy" The Game of Thrones, even as I cringe and cower through each episode!

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