"Red" (a poem by Milena Weber, age 14)

Red is a Sunset, blazing and bright

Red is feeling Brave with all of your might

Red can be a Sunburn spot on your nose

Sometimes Red can even be a big, fat Rose

Red squiggles out when you cut your hand

Red is a Brick, and sounds of a Band

Red is also Hotness you get inside

When you feel embarrassed and want to hide

Fire cracker

Fire engine

Fire flicker - Red

And when you get angry, Red runs from your head

Red is an Indian, a Valentine heart

The trimmings on the edge of a circus cart

Red is a Lipstick

Red is a Shout

Red is Signal meaning "Watch Out!"

Red is a great, big Rubber ball

Red is the greatest color of all

But Red is a show-off, no doubt about it!

Yet can you really imagine living without it?

(Shared at our Sept. 9th "Circle of Creativity". Our next gathering is on Wednesday, Oct. 14 at 6 p.m. Join us!)

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