Christmas Hustle and Bustle

Why does it seem as if Christmas sneaks up on us every year? We know it's coming; we see the date on the calendar - the same one each December. Stores begin displaying Christmas items before the last holiday has come and gone. You can hear carols playing. Temperatures drop and snow falls. Days grow so short.

I think it is because we feel like there is so much to do. Those of us who long for an old-fashioned Christmas want all the trappings: lovely decorated trees and houses, Christmas cards written and mailed before Dec. 25, the perfect gifts purchased and beautifully wrapped for each beloved person on our shopping list, delicious recipes selected for the holiday baking. And of course, all the not-to-be-missed holiday events with family, friends and community.

Sometimes, though, it is wonderful to remember the spirit behind this favorite holiday. That desire to spend time with those we cherish. Sharing in our own special holiday traditions. Giving to those who have so little. And, just maybe, carving out a little time to step back from the hustle and bustle of preparations and parties, and enjoy some calm.

For me, as a committed book lover, this means finding a good book to read in a comfy chair by the fireside, with a cuddly blanket and hot beverage to enjoy, and perhaps some holiday music playing softly. That's when the library means so much to me - it is filled with books and music CDs! I know I will find what I need!

We invite you to make a stop soon during your busy week to get a little respite from it all, and find a book or movie or music to enjoy, just for yourself, or with your family or friends.

Christmas will come even if you do take a little time to relax!

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