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About Our Landscaping

After the 2009 addition was constructed, Wisconsin native plant gardens were designed and implemented by Mandy Ploch, AA, Horticulture Technology.  Local groups and volunteers were instrumental in executing and maintaining the installations.  The library grounds are a certified Master Gardener site.  Educational tours can be arranged.

The north rectangle between the two buildings was installed by Marilyn Guenther as a Master Gardener final project.  Marilyn is also the MG liaison to oversee MG projects.  The Friends of the Town Hall Library designed and maintain the renovated Leitgabel herb garden as well as the ornamental strip down the driveway.  The two rain gardens and a newly planted pollinator garden were installed by the Landscape Ecology class from Arrowhead High School.  Two Aldo Leopold benches were donated as part of a Boy Scout Eagle Award project.  Learn more about the St. Fiacre statue found in the herb garden here.

 Also in the herb garden is a medicine wheel.  The medicine wheel is an ancient Native American symbol. “Medicine” can be physical or spiritual and “Wheel” refers to the circle of life. The circle includes the four directions (each represented by a different color), the four seasons, the four sacred plant medicines and more.

Medicine Wheel in THL’s herb garden.

The medicine wheel in the library’s herb garden was created by the Friends of the Town Hall Library in 2021. 

Currently in bloom:

In June of 2021, Master Gardener and Friends of the Library member, Kathy Walrath, coordinated with Jim Flynn in the creation of a new compost bin for the library.  Jim is a member of Boy Scout Troop 224 of Hartland and made the compost bin as part of his Eagle Award project.   Pictured with Jim below is Kathy Walrath and THL director, Kaushalya Iyengar.