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“Such a Quiet Place” by Megan Miranda

What if you spend time with your neighbors?  You have picnics and parties together, go on walks, watch out for each others’ children?  What if you keep an eye on your neighbors’ homes for them?  Help out when you can?  And you are sure that you have gotten to know them very well.  Hollow’s Edge is such a calm and caring place to live.

But you have a roommate.  Ruby Fletcher is erratic and makes folks uncomfortable.  Then there is a murder in the neighborhood.  Who among the neighbors could do that?  Who can you trust?  Who can’t you trust?  You thought you knew them but nothing is sure now.  So everything and everyone seems to be a risk.

That is the position that Harper Nash finds herself in.  Her roommate, Ruby, seems so suspicious.  There is a trial, the neighbors, including Harper, all give their testimonies.  Ruby is convicted and sentenced.  But a little over a year and a half later, the conviction is overturned and Ruby returns home to Harper’s house, as if nothing ever happened.  The neighbors cannot understand how this could be and the whole neighborhood tenses up.  The circle of fear and mistrust begins again.

Who killed Brandon and Fiona Truett?  Was it Ruby?  Someone else?  This quiet little neighborhood of “friends”, this “quiet place”, is no longer so.  Residents feel trapped.  The notoriety of the deaths prevents anyone from selling their homes and moving away.  The Truett home sits empty, a dark and daily reminder of the terrible event.

Harper is on the frontline.  She shares her home with Ruby and doesn’t feel she can ask her to leave.  Ruby hasn’t anywhere to go.  But Harper is afraid.  What is Ruby up to and why did she come back?  Then, Harper receives a threatening note.  She must find out what is going on before another person is killed.

Hollow’s Edge is a mirage and Harper goes looking for the truth behind the cozy houses.  Can she find it, before it is too late?  This is a wonderful twisty novel with a surprising ending!