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“Time After Time” by Lisa Grunwald

Lisa Grunwald is the author of six earlier novels, including The Irresistible Henry House, Whatever Makes You Happy, New Year’s Eve, The Theory of Everything, and Summer, and a children’s book titled Now, Soon, Later. With her husband, Reuters Editor-in-Chief Stephen J. Adler, she has edited three anthologies: The Marriage BookLetters of the Century, and Women’s Letters.  Grunwald has been an editor and writer at the magazines EsquireAvenue, and Life, and has freelanced for others.

And now, for “Time After Time” . . .

What would you do if you found the girl of your dreams?  She is young, and beautiful, and somehow out of place.  Her dress seems quite old-fashioned.  She has no coat on in December and she carries no luggage – in Grand Central Station!  She appears to be a damsel in distress and Joe wants to help.  He is totally charmed by her.

Joe Reynolds works a very stressful and demanding job as a railroad man in Grand Central Station.  It is 1937 and he has been working there for close to 15 years. He is 32 years old and looking for something more in his life. 

He goes to work one day and spots Nora, in need of assistance.  They talk and he would love to spend time with her, but work calls.  Joe cannot get her out of his mind.  It is one year before he sees her again.

Nora looks exactly the same.  She is excited to see Joe!  They do spend some time together and Joe begins to think there is a future with her.  He tries to find her again, but he doesn’t know enough about her . . . where does she live?  What does she do?  Why can’t he find her?  He tries to get information about her, and he waits . . . .

The problem is who Nora really is and “when” Nora was, and nothing could prepare Joe for this.  But he falls in love with her nevertheless, and she with him, and they will try to find a way to be together.  Joe wants this future and so does Nora.

This book is so interesting, so intense.  It flips back and forth between Nora’s life and Joe’s, and the one they try to make together.  Will they be able to?  Will love win out?  Will they make the right decisions?  You must read this book to find out!

All I can say is, “Love is timeless.”